Renuzit Cones

Design your home with scents and products that fit your lifestyle.

Forever Raspberry

Like a basket full of fresh-picked raspberries, Forever Raspberry air freshener cone is perfect to make any room of your home, especially small spaces like bathrooms and closets, smell like a summer day at the Farmer’s Market. Read more..

After The Rain

Take a deep breath and dance in the puddles of a spring rain. After the Rain air freshener cone is perfect to bring rejuvenating freshness into any room of your home, especially small spaces like bathrooms and closets. Read more..

Wildflower Dream

Our Wildflower Dream™ is a colourful floral bouquet of jasmine, violet, and orange flower. Tied together with a blend of grass and tuberose, this scent transforms your home into an airy alpine meadow. Read more..

Hawaiian Oasis

Lose yourself in the island breeze of a Hawaiian Oasis™. Close your eyes and enjoy a fragrance cocktail of pineapple and coconut, and you just might feel sand between your toes. Read more..

Pure White Pear & Lavender

Let the delicate floral scents of Pure White Pear and Lavender® soothe you and your loved ones. The fresh White Pear complements the gentle Lavender and creates a balanced fragrance that freshens your home without overpowering. Read more..

Vanilla, Apricot Blossom & Almond

A Scent Swirl combination of vanilla, sweet apricot, and almond for a sweet, homey aroma. Read more..

Peach, Freesia & Garden Mint

A Scent Swirl combination of Peach, Freesia & Garden Mint. Read more..

Hawaiian Sunset

Feel the warm relaxation of a tropical Hawaiian Sunset while lounging in a lush paradise of hibiscus, pineapple and mango with the Hawaiian Sunset air freshener cone. Perfect for making even the smallest spaces of your home smell like vacation. Read more..