Man of Vengeance [หัวใจศิลา]


  • Title: หัวใจศิลา
  • English title: Man of Vengeance

Production Credits

  • Produced by: Exact-Scenario
  • Director: Thanawat Panyarin
  • บทโทรทัศน์โดย : Wanna Taengpasulert



Silaan only son of a mistress of a rich government official, is left an orphan after his mother dies. The wife of the official reluctantly accepted him into the house only to give him a deplorable life with her and her brutal son, Sawitwho becomes his lifelong foe. Sila flees from the house with all the bad memories except an only good memory in a girl friend next door, Minta.

Time flies and the friends accidentally meet but Sila mistakes Minta for Sawits girlfriend. Learning that the cruel family still continues to harass people, Sila comes back with fire of vengeance. He kidnaps Minta and get her pregnant. Minta so quits her job and flees only to be called back home by Sawit and her own sister. They kidnaps her to bait Sila. Sila comes in her rescue. Fight follows and that causes Mintas miscarriage. Sila is furious and his mind is filled with vengeance.


credits: หัวใจศิลา