Fine fabrics and woolen garments are very delicate and need especially gentle care. They need Perwoll. Because Perwoll knows all about the special needs of delicate fabrics. It cares not just for your woolen garments, but also for sportswear, black fabrics, colored fabrics, and all other kinds of delicate textiles. Perwoll – the care to keep fabrics looking new.

Perwoll Black Re-New Effect

Black clothes become greyish due to color loss with regular detergents and pilling (single fibres reflect the light giving a grey impression).

Perwoll Black offers 2 benefits:

  • Dark color preservation: special formula (mild, more foam) for delicate textiles.
  • Re-new Black effect (bright dark color) with enzymes which remove the single fibres (and thereby the greyish shade).

Perwoll Color Re-New Effect

Beautiful clothes wear everyone likes. However, frequent wear and washing claimed the clothes and colors can gradually fade. The clothes will look not as nice and they no longer carries so much.

Perwoll Color offers 2 benefits:

  • Smoothes roughened fibers and leaves so faded colors shine again - without color additives
  • Gently cleanses and cares for your clothes with every wash
  • imparts a delicate scent

    For an intense color experience.